Canadian Art

1. Maxwell Bates Chronology

1906 - 1980 Abridged Chronology

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2. William Leroy Stevenson Chronology

William Leroy "Roy" Stevenson
Exhibition History and Chronology
compiled by Chris Varley and Nancy Townshend

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3. Donald W. Buchanan

1. Overview
2. Design
3. Expo '67
4. Bibliography
5. Tributes

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4. John Snow Interview

SNOW: ...I woke up with a real urge to go down and see Mr. Maxie at Western Printing in Calgary just down on 2nd Avenue and 6th or 7th street. So I saw Maxie and he said: "Oh, I think we just tossed out two old presses." So he got Mr. Loney... He said: "oh, yes, we tossed those two old transfer presses for scrap and they are down at Paragon Machine Shop two blocks this way and three that and Maxie said: "Well, if they haven’t been destroyed, you can have the two of them for $15." So I literally ran and here they were.

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5. Ron Spickett (Gyo-Zo) Interview

TOWNSHEND: Were you always good at art?

SPICKETT: I was always interested in visual expression. I used to doodle in my school books. At a very young age my contact with art was essentially through the cartoon... Alex Raymond drew Flash Gordon. There were many cartoonists beyond cartooning. Really illustrational drawing.

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