Other Publications


  1. "What's in the Name 'Calgary?' ", Alberta History, 64. 4 (Autumn 2016), 23 - 24.

Book Reviews

  1. Maureen Enns, Wild Horses, Wild Wolves: Legends at Risk at the Foot of the Canadian Rockies, (Calgary: Rocky Mountain Books, 2013) in albertaviews, 16. (September 2013).
  2. Professor Leslie Dawn’s National Visions, National Blindness, (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007) in albertaviews, 11. 4 (May 2008), 56.
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Catalogue Essays

  1. “Tradition and Transformation,” for the 20th Anniversary Catalogue for the Meeting Point Artists Association 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Calgary, September 2008.
  2. A commissioned essay by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts on its “Art Collection at 25,” a CD-ROM publication, January 1998.
  3. Calgary’s Civic Art Collection: Selected Works From The Last Quarter-Century, Mayor’s Office, City of Calgary, September 16 – October 31, 1994.
  4. “The Multilayering of Katie Ohe and Her Work, 1937 – 1981” for the catalogue, Katie Ohe Retrospective, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, February 1991.
  5. Researched and wrote seven Collection articles for Alberta Culture while its Art Consultant (1982 – 1990) including those on The Glenbow Museum, University of Lethbridge, 1985 – 1987.


  1. "The Calgary Allied Arts Foundation: 20th and 21st Century Cultural Aspirations for a Loved City."
  2. Numerous articles in Vanguard, Art Post, Artichoke, Legacy, and albertaviews.